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Useful Information

strelica3.gif Information on weather on the Adriatic
Concern about the weather conditions and planning sailing contributes to the safety at sea and makes sailing more pleasant. That is why we recommend regular listening to weather forecast. Information is broadcasted on television and radio news, and more comprehensive information is available on the Internet, for example:,

Current weather forecast by Meteorological and Hydrological Service (DHZ) is broadcast continually on coastal radio stations and channels of Harbor Masters' Offices. It is updated three times a day, at 5 am, 12 o'clock and 6 pm, and it refers to the first 12 and the second 12 hours, counting from the hour of update. Maritime coastal radio stations broadcast weather forecast at exactly determined UTC time (to which one hour must be added during the winter and 2 hours during the summer time count).

strelica3.gif COAST RADIO STATION VHF CHANNEL BROADCASTING - SPLIT 07,21,28 05:45, 12:45, 19:45 
Croatian coastal radio stations (Rijeka, Split, and Dubrovnik) broadcast information on weather and weather forecasts for the next 24 hours daily, in Croatian and English.
strelica3.gif Continuous weather forecast on VHF transmitters
Harbor Masters' Offices continuously transmit the weather report and warnings for seamen on their VHF channels. Report is automatically repeated in four languages (Croatian, English, Italian and German) with a short break between each cycle, and it is updated four times a day.

strelica3.gif Differences between summer and winter weather
Average temperature at the coast is between 5 and 8°C in winter and between 26 and 30°C in summer.
In summer, North and South Adriatic merge into a unique climate area with many warm and sunny days. High day temperatures are soothed by the wind called maestral, the humidity percentage is low and nights are pleasant. Surface sea temperature in all Adriatic is mostly between 24 and 26°C. In the late summer, the differences between North and South Adriatic become appreciable during night, while day temperatures remain the same for some time.

Colder nights soon cause the differences in the sea temperatures and the sea starts to cool faster in the north in early September. In the south, temperatures are still high, about 22°C.
Sea temperature
Average sea temperature is 11°C. The sea, of course, is coldest in the winter, and the surface temperature is about 7°C. In spring, average temperature is about 18°C and in summer, temperatures are rather high, between 22 and 25°C, and in the south up to 27°C.

Waves on the Adriatic
The height of Adriatic waves is mostly between 0.5 and 1.5 m.

Winds on the Adriatic
Winds on the Adriatic are mostly caused by the differences between the land and the sea temperatures, al well as by the differences in the air pressure. Circulation and mixing of warm and cold air causes pleasant winds: "burin" and "maestral".

Regular exchange of day "maestral" and nigh "burin" is a sign of stable weather which is going to last. Abrupt changes in pressure announce stronger winds which should be avoided by sailing into sheltered coves and ports.

If you wish to know the details of a wind on the Adriatic, feel free to ask at the reception of the marina.
strelica3.gif TAXI SERVICE 
Taxi services you can ask on the marina reception or sailor on duty.
In the cove Proversa (Vela) at the northern entrance to Kornati, there is one of the oldest restaurants "MARE" whose specialty is fish. The restaurant has a nice little port in which even bigger boats can be moored (but they must not enter through the Proversa passage because it is shallow - 2.5 m, they must enter through the passage Mala Proversa).

In the cove Strižnja (on the island of Kornat), there are two famous restaurants: "QUATRO" and "STRIŽNJA". They serve excellent fish!

Another restaurant, one of the oldest, is in Vrulje: restaurant "ANTE". It is famous for preparing octopus in the Venetian manner, but it offers all other fish as well.

There is a famous restaurant "BEBAN" in the cove Lopatnica. As the owners of the restaurant are sheep-farmers, they offer island lamb.

You can eat well in the ACI Marina Piškera.

One of the best restaurants is the restaurant "RAVNI ŽAKAN", which is rather expensive. It is in the cove of Ravni Žakan.

In the south of Kornati, there is restaurant "OPAT" under the high hill Opat, and restaurant "SMOKVICA" in the southern cove of the same island.

Outside Kornati, we would like to mention restaurant "MAČKOVA LUKA" on the island Kaprije, as well as some restaurants on the islands Zlarin and Žminjak.
strelica3.gif Wellness CENTERS:

Hotel "Punta"
Grgura Ninskog 1 Vodice
tel: (022) 451-451

Indoor swimming pool with underwater massage, relax room, Finish, Turkish and Mediterranean sauna, fitness, beauty center with massage and beauty treatments

Hotel "Ivan"
Hotelsko naselje "Solaris" Šibenik
tel: (022) 364-950

The biggest wellness center in Croatia

Wellness center includes:
Complex of outdoor and indoor swimming pools with underwater massage
(Swedish, Tui Na, Thai-Ayurveda-Shiatsu, Aromatherapy massage, reflex massage)
Finnish sauna (body detoxication and relaxation
Mediterranean grotta (discover the unique effect of steam, essential oils, light and colour)
Fitness (stretching, chinesitherapy and strength trainings)
Beauty programs: face and body beauty treatments, aromatherapy, manicure, pedicure, hair-removal, epilation, suntan parlor, lymph drainage...
Specialized programs (managers, pensioners, anti-stress, relax-energy, weight losing programs...)

Service of fisical therapy and fitness center
Hotel «Imperijal»
Vl. Smiljana Marguš Put Vatroslava Lisinskog 2
Tel: 022/442 - 827

For private laundry and ironing services, please ask at the reception of the marina.

Night Club "Princess" 
Brunac 5

disco club "HACIENDA"
Magistrala cesta, in the direction to Šibenik

Casino "Orenes" night club "EXIT CLUB"
Grgura Ninskog 1, Vodice (Hotel "Punta")

Night club "EXIT CLUB" 
near to harbor office in Vodice


Tel: +385 (0)22 447 145
Mob: +385 (0)98 469 454
Fax: +385 (0)22 447 148


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