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Regulations on Business of "DANUVIUS MARINA" d.o.o.

strelica3.gif Contracting annual berth
Record on free posts (on annual basis) is done exclusively by the manager of the marina in cooperation with the reception. You can request a questionnaire on reservation of annual berth at the reception. If there is an adequate berth available, a contract between Marina Tribunj and the boat owner is made. At concluding the contract, you, as a boat owner are obliged to provide the following valid documents:

  • copy of Yacht Certificate,
  • copy of insurance policy,
  • passport and identification card,
  • Power of attorney by the owner if the Contract for berth is in the name of a company,
  • copy of valid Vignette,
  • boat keys and
  • Inventory list filled by the owner (provided by the director).

Contract is signed by both parties, and the director delivers to the boat owner the Regulations on order maintenance in Marina Tribunj.

Conditions for the use of annual berth are stated in the contract.
strelica3.gif Transit guests - transit by land

When entering the marina by land as a transit guest, you are obliged to register at the reception where you hand the personal documents for all members of the crew and the boat documents. At the reception, you can request further services:

  • lifting and lowering of the boat,
  • car parking,
  • trailer parking,
  • sea berth,
  • washing of the boat and similar

which are paid in advance. At the reception of the marina, together with the bill, you get a form "Guest registration" for each person (you are obliged to have them with you, together with your personal documents during the entire stay in Croatia). The bill is then shown to the seamen working on the crane, who will assign a berth at the transit pier to you.

Before you start sailing, there is one unavoidable thing: going to the nearest Harbor Master's Office (in Vodice or in Šibenik). You must take with you the personal documents of all members of the crew, permit for boat sailing, as well as the boat documents. The master will, for a fee, issue a Crew list for the members of the crew and the Vignette.

Please, keep the bill until you leave the marina as every entrance and leaving is controlled at a ramp for the safety of guests.

strelica3.gif Transit guests - transit by sea

As orientation when sailing into the marina, there is the Church of St Nicolas on the isolated hill northwest of the village. The port is entered at southeast, sailing carefully through a narrow passage between the islands of Lukovnik and Logorun, south of the port. The most southern pier in the marina is provided for the transit. From far away, you can easily notice a visibly set table "Transit". Make sure you announce your arrival by radio (VHF channel no. 17 or by phone 022/447 140). A seaman will welcome you at a pier, assign a berth to you and help you to moor. You are obliged to hand the Vignette and the Crew list to the seaman. Before sailing out of the marina, you settle the bill at the reception (you can find it next to the restaurant).

strelica3.gif Coming from abroad by sea

If you are a boat coming from abroad by sea, and you enter the Croatian interior sea waters for the first time, you must sail into one of the entrance ports. You must affect the usual international customs formalities with passports and pay the necessary fees for the boat. Beside that, you must register with the police.

Ports open throughout the year for international traffic as sea border crossings (from north to the south) are the following: Umag, Poreč, Rovinj, Pula, Raša - Bršica, Rijeka, Mali Lošinj, Senj, Maslenica, Zadar, Šibenik, Split, Ploče, Metković, Korčula, Gruž (Dubrovnik).

During the season (from 1 April to 31 October) ports additionally open are: Kanegra (Savurdija), Marina Umag - ACI, Novigrad, Sali, Božava, Ravni Žakan (Kornati), Primošten (Marina Kremik), Komiža, Vis (city port), Hvar (city port), Ubli (Lastovo) and Vela Luka.

Before leaving the Croatian territorial sea, you must affect customs clearance in the Harbor Master's Office when leaving the port. After checking out, you must leave the Croatian territorial sea by the shortest way and without delay.

strelica3.gif Sea mooring

You are obliged to moor your boat with your own ropes, according to the instructions by the marina personnel. Mooring ropes must be of good quality and of adequate dimensions. Ropes leading from the boat to the anchor and from the boat to the pier are included in the boat equipment and the owner is obliged to supply them. Buoys and ropes must not obstruct the sailing of other guests.

strelica3.gif Parking

Vehicles must be parked according to the marks for parking in the marina and according to the personnel's instructions. Please, do not park your vehicle in the service zone!

strelica3.gif Payments in the marina

All payments in the marina are done according to the valid price list.
Annual berth includes the period from 1 January to 31 December and the service is paid in advance.

With other services, bills are paid upon realization.

Payment is done in cash and with credit cards (Master Card, Maestro, Visa, and Diners Club) or by bank transfer (for guests with the annual Berth Contract).

We do not accept cheques.

strelica3.gif Registration of foreign guests with the contracted annual berth - Sojourn tax

As a foreign guest with a contracted annual berth, you are obliged to register your stay and the stay of your guests (family, friends) on the boat at the reception of the marina. Personnel at the reception issues a certified stay registration to you and to your guests (each guest's passport is necessary), with which you can safely sail the Croatian sea.

Sojourn tax for persons with the contracted annual berth is paid as a flat rate by the boat (amount determined by the law of the Republic of Croatia) in the nearest Harbour office for the boat owner and for his guests throughout the year.

strelica3.gif Customs business

Import of vessels

When you, as a vessel owner, or your transporter come to marina Tribunj by land, you are obliged to;

  • Submit at the reception of the marina, your personal documents and the documents regarding the vessel, and this is: UNIQUE CUSTOMS DECLARATION (UCD).

If it is established, by examining the documents, that the vessel is intended for an annual berth in Marina Tribunj, the reception will provide information on temporary accommodation of the vessel on land and this is the following:

  • conclude a contract of berth rent with the marina,
  • fill in the inventory list
  • register the vessel with the nearest Harbor Master's Office for making of the list of persons and the vignette.

The manager of the shipping agency will deliver to the Customs post the original UCD with the receipt on the vessel being accepted in the marina. If you are not able to go to the Customs post yourself, the manager of the shipping agency will arrange with the Customs post for the customs officer to come to Marina Tribunj.

When coming to transit with your vessel, you are obliged to register the vessel with the nearest Harbor Master's Office for the purpose of obtaining the Vignette and the Crew list, and after that, to go to the Customs post with the UCD form for effecting customs formalities.

Important: Whether you come to transit or have a contract of the berth rent in Marina Tribunj, the vessel cannot be lowered to the sea without the Vignette and the Crew list issued by the Harbor Master's Office in charge.

strelica3.gif Import of equipment and spare parts

You can transfer the equipment and the spare parts to Marina Tribunj in different ways:

  • as the vessel owner, you import equipment and spare parts yourself
  • If you import equipment and spare parts yourself, documents you need are: vessel's inventory list, valid contract of berth rent with the marina and valid Vignette and Crew list. On the basis of the UCD, the shipping agency will issue a certificate of building in of equipment and direct you to the Customs post.
  • vessel equipment and spare parts are delivered by train or by plane.
  • Upon the information on the receipt of shipment, the shipping agency will organize its taking over, report its receipt to the customs and, together with the receipt documents, it will deliver the Inventory list, Contract of berth rent with the marina and the original Vignette and the Crew list.
  • equipment and spare parts are delivered by mail or DHL.
  • Equipment or spare parts are kept in the shipping agency premises up to the moment of your arrival or are delivered to the boat upon the owner's request.

Important: If you do not possess all the documents necessary for the customs procedure (Inventory list, contract of berth rent with the marina and the valid Vignette and the Crew list), Marina Tribunj can refuse to receive your shipment of equipment or spare parts.

When you are sending equipment or spare parts to Marina Tribunj, please state together with the address of Marina Tribunj, the owner's name, the name of the boat and the berth number.

strelica3.gif Export of equipment for replacement or repair

If you intend to export equipment or spare parts because of worn-out condition, repair or replacement, you are obliged to contact the reception of the marina, where you will be given the Inventory list, Contract of berth rent with the marina, as well as the Vignette and the Crew list and you will be directed to the Customs post.

strelica3.gif Sale of vessel under foreign flag in Marina Tribunj

If you are an annual berth user in Marina Tribunj and you are selling the vessel or the new owner intends to keep the annual berth in the marina, you are obliged to announce it to the director of Marina Tribunj. The director of the marina reserves the right not to extend the contract to the new owner.

strelica3.gif Discounts

For boats with annual berth in Marina Kremik, we grant a discount of 10 % off the price of a transit berth. Other possible discounts are determined exclusively by the director of the marina.

strelica3.gif Environmental protection

It is important that everybody's efforts are directed to the same goals; how to stop or at least slow down numerous negative trends for the environment.

More that half of the world's population lives within 60 km from the coast. By 2020, this number will have raised to three fourths. Thus, the world coastal areas are exposed to quick urban expansion, growing pressures of the population growth, and pressures by main industries, especially tourism, and extensive exploiting of sea resources.
In Marina Tribunj, garbage collecting is organized in such way that the following is disposed separately:

  • utility waste,
  • used motor oil and cloths contaminated with oil,
  • waste made by paints and varnish.

Sanitary facilities in the marina respect all legal provisions, cleaning and supervision is done daily. For the case of petroleum, grease and oil based contamination, cleaning agents and means for stopping the contamination are provided. Our care for the environment is insignificant without your cooperation, so please, take care of the following:

  • put all waste at places provided for it
  • avoid working on the motor by yourself, without expert supervision (you can cause fire, sinking and similar)
  • take care of the water consumption (we still have drinking water and it must be treated as preciousness)
  • clean the droppings after your pets
  • report to the reception of the marina or to the Harbor Master's Office every contamination or pollution you see on land or in the sea

strelica3.gif Forbidden areas
In the domestic sea waters and the territorial sea of the Republic of Croatia, there are no permanently forbidden areas, except around the islands of Brijuni.

Particular attention must be paid to special provisions when sailing in Croatian National parks. Thus, in the area of Kornati National park, there are special provisions on maintaining water cleanliness, anchoring and staying over night.

strelica3.gif Fire prevention in Marina Tribunj

Since you entrusted your property in our care, our basic task is the care for your safety and the safety of your property.


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