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Thank you for choosing Marina Tribunj as your safe harbor. In cooperation with Sea Help, the leading provider of assistance at sea, we would like to reward your trust. By signing the annual contract with Marina Tribunj, you will automatically get Sea Help 'MarinaPass' membership, which provides ones a year assistance 'package' within range of 5 nautical miles from Marina Tribunj.

Free services that are provided once a year by MarinaPass membership:

· Towing to Marina Tribunj
· Jumpstart for engine power problems *
· Delivery of spare parts *
· Fuel service
· Disengaging of lines from the propeller
· Free towing in case of minor grounding
· Crew transport
· Advice on weather and local info
· Discounts at our partners
· Weather warning (SMS-service) * outside of marinas and harbors.

Outside of this 5 nautical mile-zone, MarinaPass members get 50 % off on Sea Help services.

Price List:

Approach: 25,00 per nm Towing: 8,75 per boat length and nm

Special price for MarinaPass members:

Approach: 12,50 per nm Towing: 4,35 per boat length and nm

Example: 15 nm Approach and 11 nm Towing for 10 m boat costs 666,- instead of the usual 1.337,50.

Sea Help 'MarinaPass' membership can be upgraded to a full Sea Help 'OwnerPass' membership. All services listed above become completely free and without 5nm range restrictions. Price of the membership will be decreased by 36,00, which is the cost of 'MarinaPass' membership. All existing Sea- Help members will get a 36,00 discount based on corporation with Marina Tribunj. However, corporation discounts (ÖAMTC, ADAC, ...) can't be used in this model.

Upgrade cost from MarinaPass to OwnerPass:

Boats: from 0m to 6,5m 54,-
Boats: from 6,5m to 8m 84,-
Yachts: from 8m to 11m 114,-
Yachts: from 11m to 14m 144,-
Yachts: from 14m to 17m 174,-
Yachts: from 17m to 20m 254,-
Yachts: over 20m 314,-

Upgrade your membership by phone: 00385 (0)51 855 404 or e-mail:

We kindly ask you to put the enclosed Sea Help sticker on a visible spot on your boat. If you own a smartphone, we advise you to install the SeaHelp Application.


Tel: +385 (0)22 447 145
Mob: +385 (0)98 469 454
Fax: +385 (0)22 447 148


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