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Environmental protection

Published: 11.5.2011.



Conservation and environmental protection, in Marina Tribunj always has been of most importance and we specially take care of our environment, both on land and underwater as well as the coastal zone.
Our efforts are making Marina Tribunj attractive and recommendable destination with a clean and safe environment. Evidence of this has given us by our Nature it self. In fact for some time absent from
Adriatic Sea, the protected specie „Noble pen shell“ appeared along the waters of our marina, which is the best sign of quality and purity of the sea and coastal zone.
Our activities are focused at developing environmental awareness and positive action on each of us, so we kindly ask you that during the stay in the marina ; turn attention to eco-ethics codex and therefore express your attitude and responsibility towards the preservation of underwater life.

Enjoy the marina and actively participate in environmental protection by treating nature with respect.

Noble pen shell/Pinna nobilis

Description of the species:
The noble pen shell is the biggest shellfish in the Adriatic Sea. It can grow to a length of around 1 metre. It lives on sedimentary bottoms, and is also frequent in meadows of angiospermae Neptune grass at depths of 2 to 20 metres. It lives only in the Mediterranean, and can be found throughout the Adriatic.

Reasons for threat:
The populations of noble pen shell, due to excessive harvesting, have been completely obliterated in many areas. Its shells are much in demand as souvenirs.

The species is strictly protected by the Ordinance on designating protected and strictly protected wild species (Official Gazette 7/06 and 99/09). According to the Ordinance on penalties for damage caused by illegal actions against protected animal species (Official Gazette 84/96), the penalty for killing a noble pen shell is 500.00 kuna.


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