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Blue Flag

blue_flag.jpgNational Coordinator and Head of the program is: The movement of friends of nature "Lijepa naša" doo, Zagreb. 
Blue Flag beaches and the marina is an exclusive eco-stamp that indicates a clean, safe and well maintained beach / marina. 
Blue Flag can carry all the beautiful beaches, marinas on the coast and on the sweet – and land waters as well as the owners of individual ships. All information about getting a Blue Flag is available at the reception of the marina. 
Marina must have necessary facilities to meet the criteria, must be available for inspection and to meet nationally prescribed criteria. 
The criterion is: 

Water quality - that there is no significant pollution caused by sewage system or similar, and that there is no pollution caused by oil, fuel oil, gasoline, etc. It is not allowed to release unprocessed waste water in the marina or in its vicinity from ships. 

Environmental Education-marina users must provide information about the blue flag, including information about sensitive areas where you can not sail, anchor, etc. Information about the Blue Flag must be prominent in the visible frequency locations in the marina.
Farming-marine environment should be well blended into the natural environment, should be clearly marked and easily accessible storage for the acceptance of waste oil on the coast, should have the option to accept waste water, separate containers for the disposal of hazardous chemicals and other means (eg, paints, solvents, coatings, etc.) It must be adequate public lighting and available power supply power. All electrical wiring must be in accordance with national legislation. 
Security and services
 - there should be security measure, including rescue equipment, fire equipment and instructions for it to use, and it has to be regularly checked. It should be fitted with first aid equipment, with clean and appropriate sanitation facilities, including the ability to use water for washing and access to potable water. 

Code of conduct for the marina: 
Keep the area clean marina, use cans for trash, the trash must be closed in a bag, do not waste more food, paper, garbage.

Danuvius marina d.o.o. is taking care with particular attention of environmental concerns, both terrestrial and coastal zones. Beside happy faces of our clients the proof is also the Blue Flag, which is traditionally 6 years in a row pride of our marina. 
The Blue Flag is an international environmental award for environmental protection and is given by the National Coordinator and Program Manager: Nature Friends Movement "Lijepa naša" d.o.o., Zagreb.
The Blue Flag beach and marina is an exclusive eco-stamp that indicates a clean, safe and well maintained beaches / marinas. 
In our marina you can, as well, become the proud owner of the Individual Blue Flag!

As the international Blue Flag is the most valuable environmental award in the world, and as it is a great honor to be the holder of an individual Blue Flag award, we are happy that we can offer you to become a proud holder of such great recognition. It is enough to visit us at the reception of the marina and to show a desire and we will kindly explain to you how to become a proud owner of the Individual Blue Flag.

For all information regarding the Blue Flag Program and Environment Protection at the marina Tribunj contact marina reception: +385 (0)22 447 145.
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